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          Feature Story

          Universities showcase their autonomous efforts at NAIASThe talent pipeline for the future of mobility rests at colleges and universities.

          The talent pipeline for the future of mobility rests at colleges and universities. So it should come as no surprise that about two dozen colleges and related organizations from Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, Canada, and more are among the exhibitors and panel participants at in the Universities & Associations community at AutoMobili-D during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

          Feature Story

          Industry must support talent growth for “arsenal of mobility”

          Automotive thought leaders shared their visions for the Detroit region’s strength in near-future mobility during an AutoMobili-D panel discussion called “The Arsenal of Mobility.” Big message: talent is top priority.

          Feature Story

          Feeding the beast: New job demands in the mobility sectorWith the country’s accelerating march to self-driving and electric cars, tens of thousands of jobs are expected to open up nationally in the coming decade.

          With the country’s accelerating march to self-driving and electric cars, tens of thousands of jobs are expected to open up nationally in the coming decade. The question is: Is the workforce prepared?

          Feature Story

          Led by Jessica Robinson, Michigan Mobility Institute is open for business

          Detroiters may be among the first to receive mobility-specific education and training to support global leadership in automobility, pledges Jessica Robinson, newly-named executive director of the Michigan Mobility Institute.

          Feature Story

          Infrastructure, AVs promise safe, efficient urban transport

          Urban environments have the most to gain from the first deployments of autonomous vehicles. But how will AVs and smart infrastructures address congestion as cities become more dense? A panel of experts at AutoMobili-D shared some near-future solutions.

          Feature Story

          When it comes to privacy and mobility, ‘don’t be creepy’ isn’t enough

          Smarter cars mean higher prices. How will OEMs will keep vehicles affordable as customers demand more utility from their cars long after they drive off the lot? Consumer electronics get better with post-launch software updates, after all. Why shouldn’t a crossover that costs orders of magnitude more than an iPhone?

          Feature Story

          Cybersecurity should be top of mind for mobility companies

          Protecting yourself in a smart car will involve more than buckling your seatbelt. Vehicle cybersecurity is “dependent on the personal security hygiene of the user,” said General Motors director of cybersecurity Kevin Baltes

          Feature Story

          NAIAS daily recap with Glenn Stevens, MICHauto

          Join us throughout the week for daily updates from the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and insight from Glenn Stevens, Vice President of automotive and mobility initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber and Executive Director of MICHauto. 

          Feature Story

          A multifaceted path to electrification

          This story was originally posted in the January issue of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Detroiter magazine. Read more at www.detroitchamber.com/news-media/detroiter-magazine/.

          Feature Story

          Accelerating our electrified autonomous world

          Michigan has long been known as the global epicenter of automotive design, research and engineering. As the industry undergoes one of its most profound changes, companies large and small are leading the charge in developing next-generation technologies that are ushering in a new era of mobility solutions around connected, electrified and autonomous vehicles.  

          Feature Story

          A call to arms: Michigan EIBC, MICHauto recommend action for EV future

          To better position the state for the coming electrification of the automotive industry, the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC), alongside MICHauto and more than 70 statewide industry stakeholder groups, recently released a new set of recommendations aimed at driving Michigan’s advanced mobility industry forward in a new report.

          Feature Story

          The Detroit auto show will change completely next year--here's why

          The North American International Auto Show is Detroit's signature event. In 2020, NAIAS will undergo tremendous change. We dug in to learn how--and why--it will transform.

          Feature Story

          The road to autonomy: will we ever get there?

          The dream of autonomous vehicles and the timeline for putting them on the road are vastly different. Consumers are eager to have mobility solutions, but there are still products to develop, technologies to create, and safety controls to establish, agreed "The Road to Autonomy" panel at NAIAS 2019.

          Feature Story

          Video games are the future of autonomous testing

          Video games represent the bleeding edge of software simulations, and the next generation of mobility startups have been playing for ages. End-to-end game-design tool sets like Unreal Engine from Fortnite mastermind Epic Games and Unity, from Unity Technologies can render gigantic worlds and populate them with AI-controlled inhabitants that behave like humans, pretty easily. Both are free to use.

          Feature Story

          When Alexa rides shotgun the possibilities are ‘endless’

          If you know where to look, you’ll spot Amazon’s Alexa at NAIAS this week. Except at Cobo Center the digital assistant isn’t shutting off the kitchen lights, it’s identifying why your check engine light turned on.

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          Mobility Moments Podcast: Vince Carioti, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility

          January 11, 2019 - The widespread adoption of electric vehicles is a near-future reality. We talk with Vince Carioti, director of Phoenix Contact E-Mobility in Ann Arbor about EVs, charge times, range anxiety, and more. Learn why electric vehicles are the near-future of mobility.
          Listen >>

          Startup Spotlight Podcast: Alisyn Malek, May Mobility

          January 11, 2019 - This episode of Driven’s Startup Spotlight features Alisyn Malek, COO and co-founder of May Mobility, a Michigan-based autonomous shuttle company, about their partnerships and deployments.
          Listen >>
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          North American International Auto ShowRead More

          Detroit is where future mobility innovations meet the pavement. With the largest concentration of the world’s top automotive and technology executives, designers, engineers and thought leaders, the North American International Auto Show serves as the global stage for companies to debut ...

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          Feature Story

          Cybersecurity should be top of mind for mobility companies

          Feature Story
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          Ann Arbor

          The Ann Arbor region is a destination for mobility, home to research and development for global brands including Toyota and Hyundai. Located here is University of Michigan’s Mcity, a 32-acre test facility that simulates the broad range of ...

          Macomb County

          Each day, up to 50,000 cars travel on the connected corridors of Macomb County where GM and the U.S. Army field test autonomous vehicles on a regular basis. The county's Communications and Technology Center (COMTEC) serves as the hub of activity ...

          Oakland County

          Oakland County is a world automotive leader in research and development, with 75 of the top 100 global automotive suppliers having locations here. Suppliers like Valeo, Borg Warner, Denso, Magna and Nexteer are strategically located in Oakland ...


          Detroit is the world’s epicenter of mobility and advanced transportation solutions. With a diverse offering of competitive advantages, Detroit is a smart choice for businesses looking to expand, relocate and invest.

          Detroit offers a suite of


          Southeast Michigan

          Southeast Michigan is a united 11-county area that encompasses more than 300 municipalities with rich geographic, human and business assets. Home to more than 300,000 businesses, including 11 Fortune 500 companies, 5.4 million people, and numerous ...